Stepping Stone

Wow! What a night last night!

Thank you to all those who attended - we truly hope you got a lot of value from Tamara's talk and that you enjoyed something a little bit different with the Yoga / mobility session.

We hope, too, that you enjoyed some of the treats provided by our sponsors!

Although we all learnt a few new things last night, the most important thing to remember is that the key to growth and improvement lies in actually implementing the information - i.e. proactively taking action and doing the work! 

In order to really reap the benefits from last night, we need to put into practice the advice, tips and techniques that were shared. 

For those who are doing the full nutrition challenge, we will have a great opportunity to do exactly that and I'm looking forward to seeing the changes you make both physically and mentally over the next 3 months!

Thanks for a great night!


Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3 (focus on technique over load)

CONDITIONING – Stepping Stone”
For Time: 

40 Calorie Row / Bike
30m Dumbbell Walking Lunge (22.5/16)*
25 Calorie Row / Bike
30m Dumbbell Walking Lunge (22.5/16)*
15 Calorie Row / Bike

Scaling options: 
*pick weight

Box Bulletin Board:

1) The Sydney Morning Herald Sun Run (  is on 3 February 2018. There are a few different distances to cater for different levels. We have created a CrossFit Manly Vale team for this event. If you would like to take part simply click HERE to register and join the team.

2) Skills Session with Chris - this is a weekly session at 12:30pm every Saturday (replaces the previous Thursday sessions). Bookings essential so please write your name on the chalk board at the box entrance along with the skill you want to work on so Chris can prepare for the session