Open Games 17.5

Hi all

It's the end of the CrossFit Open Games 2017! We are celebrating our performances this Saturday with a feed at Manly Brazaa. Those who are going pls make sure you pay Meg ASAP.


Conversation with my mate Adam this weekend (as we watch Manly v Doggies) -

Adam - "why do you train?"

Me - "so I can be healthy"

Adam - "Can't you just eat well?"

Me - "Yes, I am trying that too"

Adam - So why do you train?

Me - To exercise my muscles and bones, otherwise they deplete really quickly over time.

Without thinking, that was my immediate response. I don't train to compete, to be no.1 on the world leaderboard or the daily whiteboard. I train to stay healthy. This is my motivation. That's why I've been exercising since my teens. It keeps me going.

Sometimes I exercise to improve my 1 rep max lifts. But generally I log the reps 3-4 times a week because I know it will help me live longer so I can be with my family. That only is incentive enough.

Lately I've been unhealthy people. They aren't just physically unhealthy, they are also mentally unhealthy. It's a vicious cycle. But if you've been exercising long enough - you would know that the cycles happen from time to time. Jobs, education, relationships can temporarily get in the way.

We just have to be patient and ride through those mental and physical cycles.

The other day I wrote down the list of things that make me happy and one of them is the sociality with our box members. I realised that I enjoy having a good laugh and conversation with each of you. It uplifts me spirit and puts a smile on my face. I feel really blessed to have each of you in my life.

I know however that what I put in, is what I get out. That is, if I "water the grass - my lawn will be green". Thank you for making the box a wonderful place to train. Have a think about what goals you want to achieve beyond the CrossFit Games; and lets discuss one on one.

thanks for reading - peace out.

Today's WOD - Open Games 17.5

10 rounds for time

9 Thrusters (43/29kgs)
35 dubs