OG 17.4

hi all

This past week has been challenging as we have been hit by a death in our family. Death shakes to the core and can remind us who and what is important.

The furthest thing from my mind and heart at the moment is exercising...and that is okay.

Sometimes I feel like in life I am juggling/spinning many things at once. I feel oft like the juggler below trying to balance many plates at once; where each plate represents a different part of my life - family, work, Church, study, self-improvement, household chores etc etc...

The question is - which plate takes priority in my juggling/spinning act?

The answer - I spin the plate which looks closest to falling. And when I get that plate back on balance, I switch to another plate that seems close to falling and so forth.

A self-assessment of my own fitness "plate" currently leaves me satisfied because

1) I am injury free
2) I am leaner than I was last year.
3) I am stronger than I was 10 years ago.
4) My suits fit me well
4) I am eating healthy 95% of the time.
5) I am in a healthy mental state of mind
6) I feel confident that I am honoring my body enough to live a long time.
7) I have a good bunch of people to train alongside.

The points above are in line with my long term life health and fitness goals.

Have you thought about your long term life health and fitness goals? How are you tracking? Is what you are doing, and what you are achieving in line with your long term goals?

Short-term goals can sometimes blind us to the long-term objectives. Every now and then, take a step back and look at what you have achieved so far (celebrate it!)...and look at what you want to achieve in the future (be hopeful, and faithful to your cause!)

have a great day all.

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OG 17.4