Hi all

Our best score is the number that strengthens us, not the extra rep that injures us. In CrossFit, sometimes it's hard to know when to pull-out. This generally comes with experience, knowing our bodies well, and having trust in the coaches eye. I repeat it often - practice safe exercising always. This will reduce your chance of injury and minimize the cost of your body maintenance.

OG 17.4 compared to 0G16.4 has shown massive improvement across the board. Very happy with your results. Well done to all who are competing.

Today's WOD

4 rounds for time:

400m run*
rest exactly 1 minute between each effort

* If it rains, do 25 Burpees instead.

then straight into

10-1 descending ladder of
Ring dips (or Push-ups x2)*

*do 25 dubs after each set