Prime time

Hi all

1) No 7pm class tonight.

2) Define your own success.

With the Open Games completed, most people won't appear on the first page of the leaderboard (worldwide, australia or local). But it doesn't mean that their attempts were not successful.

The Open games gives people an opportunity to pursue their own definition of competitive success beyond coming top of the leaderboard. For many simply doing the workouts as prescribed is a great achievement. For others they succeeded in doing their first bar muscle up.

With the Open Games behind us - what then is going to define your athletic success?

You will need to come up with that answer as it's personal to you.

It seem like I had a framework definition of SUCCESS was laid before me since I was young which included:

1) Good Grades
2) Good Job
3) Good Salary
4) Good Home
5) Good Car
6) Travel
5) Good partner and family

And it was suppose to be done in that order as well.

I think most of you are familiar with this pathway of success. Maybe you have felt the same type of expectation over your life.

While there's nothing wrong with it....for me it just never sat well in my heart.

For years I wondered what about

1) Good wife and family and friends
2) Good spiritual journey
3) Feed the poor and needy
4) Strong community

I often think about people on their death bed (including myself) and wonder what it is that they/I wished they/I could have.....and as I am pondering this a deep concern arises in my heart that I live my life in such pursuit of a SINGULAR purpose that I forget about what is most important in life (ie the people around me).

For example - there was a time that I was so focused on getting into law school at university that I completely forgot about my relationship with my mum.

When I am 100 years old and look back on my life I really don't think that the prizes/awards that I have achieved are really going to matter as much as my relationships with the people around me.

Just food for thought as you consider your definition of success.

happy friday

Today's workout

I thought we could see whether we'd go faster ascending...


  • Thrusters 
  • Burpees

AMRAP 12 "Prime Time"

Buy in - 20 HSPU

Then climbing ladder of deadlifts

30 Dubs - 2 Deadlifts (90/60kgs)
30 Dubs - 4 Deadlifts
30 Dubs - 6 Deadlifts
30 Dubs - 8 Deadlifts
etc etc

If you drop the bar during the set - do 3 burpees