Rest day - Pacing

Hi all, 

The uninitiated, the ignorant think that CrossFit is all and only about going has hard, heavy and fast as we can in order to beat someone's time and weight on the Whiteboard. I don't know what happens when we step through the warehouse doors; our brain re-wires itself to make us believe we are the incredible Hulk. Surely in other training and sporting endeavours (whether it's a 100m race or a marathon) we have learned that it's about understanding our capacity and then working to this capacity to the best we can.... 

Alas poor Yorick, 
I knew him well, 
A man of infinite muscle in his head
Of excellent fancy he of himself!
He bears every weight disproportionately on his back, a thousand times, 
And now abhorred in my imagination he is!

This brings me to the CrossFit Open Games 14.5

55 Deadlifts (102/70kgs)
55 Wall Balls
55 Cals Rowing

This WOD like every other wod is all about pacing to your capacity.

If you are superfit and strong (as in CrossFit fit and strong) - you will move through this workout quickly - watch the Dottirs do it online. Then watch the Air Force crew who tried to follow them. Epic hurt.

But what about the rest of us 99.5% the world? How do we pace it?

Consider this scenario

Deadlifts (finish this section off between 3-4 minutes)

For those who feel the weight is medium (and not heavy) this is the approach.
  • 16 reps per minute of deadlifts or
  • 8 straight reps every 30seconds (Chris Co, Emma, Paige - strong deadlifts - finished between 3-4 minutes). Do 8 and then rest until the 30 second mark. or 
  • 4 reps per 15 or 
  • 2 reps per 7 or 
  • 1 every 3-4 seconds (our teens - weak deadlifters did 55 singles and finished this section in 3:30) This one takes a lot of discipline.

Choose one of these above options depending on your strength and ability. The idea is that you do NOT overcook your back and legs. They need to remain fresh for the wall balls. Yes it's only 55 wall balls - so stay fresh for them. Remember fellas after 55 reps @ 102 kilos, that's moving 5 and half tonne in 3 minutes. That's a lot of work for us ordinaries.

For those who feel the weight is going to be a 1rm attempt every effort - take a longer break and look to finish within 5-6 minutes. No hurting your back! 

Wall Balls 
Sticking at 16-18 wall balls per minute pace; doing sets of 8-10. No quicker. We don't want to be fried for the Rowing. 

14-16 cals per minute - time to catch your breath. It important we hop on straight away and start rowing, no matter how slow. The cals just need to keep on ticking. For some of us, depending on the toll the first two movements have taken we will have to row for our lives. 

But if you are doing great - you don't need to pump more than 1200 cals/per hour.
In fact the Dottir girls were doing 900-1000. 

Chris Co followed the above plan and had I think around 3 minutes for HSPU. 

Heart RATE
There's no bringing this down. If it rises too quickly in the workout - it's going to be a terrible 13 minutes. So contain your adrenaline and settle in. Enjoy everyone!