Med Ball Cleans

Hi all

1) Impressed with your performances in 16.4. You each perform how I expected you would perform given you training. Well done.

2) It's a long weekend coming up. We will be closed. We will reopen next Monday at 4-6pm to do the Open Games workout. If you can't make it at that time, you can do it on Tuesday morning (5-7am).

3) I often hear 40+ year olds share their physical experience "once you hit 40, your body just changes for the worse! Everything just niggles!". With age 40 creeping up too quickly on me, I feel the weight of my age bear on me more and more as each week passes by. I can't seem to do too many squats without my right knee playing up. I need to spend a significant amount of time to get my shoulders rotating properly. I can't seem to throw more than 8 wall balls without crying (actually that's always been the case). And REST...wowsers - I need way more rest for my body and mind to function. This weekend our family got struck by man and little man flu. Yes there is such a thing! Google it. It put me in bed most of Sunday and Monday. With all the time in bed I got thinking about how CrossFit has changed my lifestyle by helping me become more healthy, fitter and stronger not just for WODs, but for times when I get sick. I believe that because of the positive health impact of CrossFit my man-flu is no longer as extreme as they used to be. Training CrossFit to be healthy in life is my First priority. I do it so I can be healthy generally. This keeps me going. Yes I have lofty Snatch and Clean/Jerk goals - these will get me into the gym - but ultimately I just want to be really healthy. And doing CrossFit training allows me to maximise my effort in the short time that I have everyday.

So AFTER the Open Games what generally happens is that participants will feel a big coming off drug. I see it happen every year. I want to ask you, After the Games what will you be training for?

Today's workout

1) 42 Med Ball Cleans
21 Ring Dips (or elevated feet push-ups)

30 Med Ball Cleans
15 Ring Dips

18 Med Ball Cleans
9 Ring Dips

2) Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 (increasing weight)