Easter Saturday

Hi all,

We are closed today.

Here is the strategy for the final open games event which is


  • Thrusters 
  • Burpees over bar

With a total of 84 reps of each movement, think of the WOD as

4 rounds of

  • 21 Thrusters
  • 21 Burpees

If each rounds takes you

2 minutes - total finish time is 8 minutes (super-uber World Games Fit
3 minutes - total finish time is 12 minutes (Regional level athlete)
4 minutes - total finish time is 16 minutes (Local level fitness)
5 minutes - total finish time is 20 minutes (basically 20 minutes of hell on earth)

2 years ago we had a number of capable athletes who finished betwen 10-13 minutes. Consequently we finished 4th in Australia as a team. I don't expect many this year to finish under 12 minutes.

What I do expect from some of you however is a finish time between 12-16 minutes. What this means is that your first round should be paced at 3-4minute mark - no quicker. It is possible for most of us to the first round of 21 Thrustes/burpees in under 3 - but if we did that - we will be cactus!


1) Know your capacity
2) Set a target finish time
3) Have a plan
4) Stick to it.

If you don't follow the above steps - this is going to be an horrendous wod.

See you on Monday!