Hi all

Great to see many faces yesterday, the evening sessions were packed. So I want to say thank you for exercising and moving safely given the numbers. Our run of Hero workouts continues today with "Loredo".

Be consistent

The longer I coach, the more I learn that the most effective instructions and lessons come from simple words. If I can't explain it to you simply, then MY COACHING SUCKS. So i will share todays lesson in both words and pictures.

The movements we do today are the foundation of all other movements. This is where it all begins. To squat heavy, we need to air squat perfectly, consistently and with intensity. To bench or ring dip, we need to master the push-up. To walk tall and well, we need to learn how to be balanced in a lunge position. The inefficiencies we have in these fundamental movements become sore weaknesses when we add load.

Generally beginners are INCONSISTENT in the way they move. I may ask for a newbie to do 10 squats in a row and i will find 10 different kinds of squatting efforts. The first squat might look like this:

Me: Show me how low you can squat?
NewBie (NB): Like this?

 and the second squat looks like this

NB: How does this look Vira?
Me: Not any better, and neither does your face. 

and the third squat looks like this

me: When I ask for lower, I mean your bum, not your chest....
NB: Oh sorry, I get those body parts mixed up.
 and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere their fourth squat looks like this

me: what the heck, you can squat!
K: oh this is how you want me to squat? Why didn't you just say so
and then amaze-balls they throw this one in on the 5th squat

me: Where the heck did you learn that from?
Amber: I used to be an Olympic gymnastic but now I just do acrobatic work for Cirque De Soleil. 
But then my hopes vanish with a 6th squat like this

Me: What you doing bro? I asked for a squat.
NB: What's a squat again? 

So you getting the picture? The problem with most beginners is that they haven't learned to move well and they don't move in a consistent manner. Loading up the bar (chasing intensity) just creates the potential for damage.

Of course inconsistent movement is not limited to beginners. It is rife in workouts like today's Loredo. I say it everytime we hit hi-rep air squat wods "I think I am going to go outside now and watch the ants crawl, that way I can avoid the disappointment of watching the quality of your air squat disintegrate."

The other inability that exists in hi rep wods is rep counting but thats a lesson for another day.

In conclusion the squat I am after is something that looks like this

or like this

Deep squat with chest nice and tall.

If you find that you cannot squat well, then a whole lot of work needs to be done on your mobility. So warm up and stretch well today. Feel the way you move, and keep on with that burn. Be consistent and the dividends will pay off in the long run.

thanks for reading,

Today's workout

4 Rounds for time:
  • 24 Air squats
  • 24 Push-ups
  • 24 Walking lunges
  • Run 400m
Then 3 rounds

50 situps
100 single skips

 6 Rounds for time:
  • 24 Air squats
  • 24 Push-ups
  • 24 Walking lunges
  • Run 400m

Then 3 rounds
  • 50 sit ups
  • 50 dubs