MAD MAY CONTINUES..... Unprecedented week of back to back Hero workouts!

5 quick tips to get yourself back on the good food track

It's the season which subdues us into the comforts of our lives - warm blankets and hearty hot food for our bellies. Our once strong desire to exercise and live for a healthy hot summer bod seems far, far away. So if you have found yourself off the good food track here are a few tips to help you get back on target:

1) Read up: get your head into some good books that will inspire you to change your life. I used to walk into a book store during my lunch breaks and read books on end. I read all types of books from fantasy to self-help books, to biographies. It probably doesn't surprise you that I didn't buy many books...in fact I only bought one. haha. But the benefits of reading good books was that it fed me the desire to make positive changes in my life.

2) Drink some herbal tea: The effects are awesome; soothing and rejuvenating. Great for the tummy, helps with sleep, great source of vitamins, and minerals. No peeps - coffee is not a substitute! Especially when your 5th coffee of the day!  

A few of the crew at the Forster Adventure Race, May 2015
3) Stay connected by starting the health and fitness conversation again with a friend. Let's face it, not many of us can get really fit by ourselves. And the fitness journey is way more fun with a partner. A friend can motivate us, wake us up, kick our backside and at the end celebrate with us! Our great conversation to have together is to decide on doing a weekend sports activity - like a fun run, obstacle racing course or triathlon. An event held 6months down the track so you both have a purpose to your training.

4) Just get moving: Injury, sickness and laziness - things which stop us from exercising are also factors the trigger the spiral downwards in our nutrition. The spiral can be stopped and reversed by exercising! And there's nothing like a CrossFit workout to kick you up the backside. After a few back to back CrossFit workouts you will realise the need to live, eat and drink clean! So just come to the box and get movin and groovin!

5) Get some good sleep: Lack of sleep will affect your immune system, making you more vulnerable to getting sick and increase your desire for junk! Get into a good bed-time routine - one that calms and relaxes you. This may include switching off from the internet, tv and any other highly stimulating visual/sound sources.

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Today's workout

a) 15 minutes - Split Jerk 3x5 (Pick load)

Technique only.

b) For time

5 rounds
  • 3 rope pulls from floor
  • 10 Knee raises
  • 21 Overhead walking lunges (pick load) 
  • 400m run / 400m row / 20 cal bike
a) 15 minutes - Split Jerk 3x5 (70% of 1rm)

Technique over weight.

b) For time: "White"

5 rounds
  • 3 rope climbs
  • 10 Toes-to-bar
  • 21 Overhead walking lunges (20/10kgs)
  • 400m run
*counts towards BTWB