Happy Mothers day!!

Happy mothers day!

Congratulations to Emma H for winning the Mothers day gift pack! When our family surprised gate-crashed their home, I learned a number of things about Emma including: she has an online nappy store; and she can hang up a great kids swing! Very talented indeed!

Here are a few suggestions make it a special day for your mum:

1) Breakfast in bed - preferably for your mum, not for yourself (something I had to remind my kids about this morning)
2) Gift her money without expecting it back - the more money, the more she will love you
3) Give her a hug - though she will probably prefer the no.2 option
4) Visit her - even if she's in jail. Not all mum's are perfect.
5) Write her a letter - especially if you are in jail. Despite her best efforts, remind her that we chose your own path.
6) Give her a gift that will allow her to take her mind and body away from the daily grind. Because let's face it, it is a daily grind raising kids.
7) Repay her the money you owe her.
8) Give her some space....mentally and physically...e.g. pay for her airfare to an exotic destination...which in our case is beyond the spit bridge.
9) Make her laugh....because she's been crying over us long enough
10) Tell her that you love her...because we can never say it enough.

While I write the above tongue-in-cheek, I am sure most of you know how much I love the mother of my kids, my mum, mum-in-law and grandmother. They are strong matriarchs and continually set the way for our family. I believe there's no more important role in life than being a mother. One of my favourite quotes "no success outside the home can compensate for failure in the home". So on that note, built upon the strong mothers in my life - we (me and my boys) will always feel joy and success!

have a great day everyone!