Good and simple eating habits

Hi all,

Have you ever watched a sporting event and be inspired to subsequently play the sport? I remember after every Australian Open Grand final, me and my cousin would grab out tennis racquets and play tennis. Because we couldn't afford to hire a proper tennis court, we would just play on the road outside our house. And no, there was no net.. we had to use our imagination. After a few hours, the desire to play like "Pat Rafter" waned...and we were back inside watching something else. Watching Jordan also was inspirational. We hit the bball courts all the time mimicking his movements. If only I was just 1 foot taller...and muscular and a good shot. At least I am collecting his shoes! haha.

What we watch with our eyes can inspire us to do things. I see it happen a lot at the gym.

Last night was a great lifting session by the two Adams. Adam C hit 175kgs and Adam K hit 165kgs. They have inspired me to hit the squat rack even more!

If your waning in your training, I suggest you start watching some inspirational people....on youtube or the cathode ray tube....whatever your preference. Other people can inspire us!

What do you eat with your eyes? If it's not leading you to training, then I suggest you diverse the spread of your daily visual feast. Develop some good and simple eating habits with your eyes and you will find yourself on the fitness track.

One of my favourite member quotes is from Adam C. He said something to this effect:

"My deadlift is stronger....and I only do what's written on the whiteboard".

Ask him how his squat has improved, what program he has followed and his reply will be:

"My squat is stronger...and I only do what's written on the whiteboard".

By the way not only is Adam C powerlifting strong, he can also do muscle ups.

Why does the program on the whiteboard work? Is it my masterful programming? I wish!'s not the program on the Whiteboard. It's the INTENSITY that Adam C brings into his training. And he reaches a higher level of intensity because he trains along side others in the group classes. That's the key to CrossFit training. You want results, train with the community. There you will find a higher level of intensity than you can reach by yourself.

Let me just finish by saying the following: your squatting is looking good. Thank you for humbling yourself enough and taking my suggestions. In some cases deloading and practicing and practicing. In due course we are going to have some significantly strong lifters!

1) Deadlift


2) AMRAP 8

Hang Power Cleans (Pick Load)

If/when you break, do 30 air squats

3) Row: 500m or Bike 40 cals for time
1) Complex

5 sets power clean + front squat + push press

2) AMRAP 8

Hang Power Cleans (92/63kgs)

If/when you break, do 30 air squats

3) Row: 500m or bike 40 cals for time