Hi all

Today's workout is one of my favourites because it always makes me feel like the man in this pic.

Trying to invest in your health while addicted to hard drugs is like trying to invest money in shares while having a heavy a gambling problem. Before building, we need to make sure we have a strong foundation; otherwise our structure will collapse under the first sign of temptation or stress.

Do you recognise the issues in your life that prevent you from making progress? I am referring to the deep and meaningful issues that emotionally block you. Spend some time pondering over these issues; then think about ways you can move forward.

Early on in our marriage Nat and I had a credit card. The debt blew out to $5k. Even though we had the savings on hand to pay it off, for some reason I couldn't bring myself to do it. After about a year i was over the noose around my neck (the debt, not Nat). I ripped up the card, paid off the debt. We were free at last. It took all of our savings to pay off that debt, but the feeling was so worth it. Subsequent to this financial decision I secured a full ttime, higher paying job. We were able to save money and go on holidays. To this day we dont have a credit card. We aren't rich in  cash by any means, but we feel free and happy!

With regard to our family health we continue to teach ourselves and our children to abstain from addictive substances, the value of good food, appreciate foods from different cultures, to rest, to play, and to be physically active in those things we really enjoy. Our view as parents is long term - deep into the years where the ability to walk is a blessing. We hope that our kids can follow our good side, and forget the bad things we do appreciating that we are  not perfect.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

I apologise for not being there this morning. I am at a Youth Camp.



2 rounds for time:

200 Single single kips
25 Front Squats (choose load)
25 Back Squats (choose load)
25 Pull-ups
25 Ring Dips
1.6km run

2 rounds for time:

200 Dubs
50 Overhead Squat (60/40kgs)
50 Pull-ups
1.6km run