Warm up

Hi all

One of the things I wished I learned about a small business is the EMOTIONAL roller coaster that I'd go through. Most small biz owners understand what I am talking about!! I know it seems like I am always having a great time just chillin, listening to my country music, maybe lift some weights here and there! haha. Behind the scenes in a small biz there's the ups and the downs! Two years ago was really challenging, last year was just heck fun and this year it's been challenging again. Some things have been weighing heavy and I've felt like I've been on the ropes. Admittedly and apologetically for a short moment I lost a sense of myself.

With Courts and Nelson on board (and doing a fantastic job!) I've been able to take some time to ponder about a whole lot of stuff. Sometime last week I snapped off the ropes! I remembered how each of you bring a whole lot of special and a whole lot of joy into my life. You know I really, really do love what I do for a living. I love it to infinite and beyond! There's nothing more exciting to me than helping each of you get fitter and fitter and smiling (and weeping) in the process. So I am going to start motoring on again - looking to bring a whole lot of joy and energy to our training. I want the box to reflect the good things i feel deep inside.

It's my birthday on Friday, so I want to celebrate the ENTIRE MONTH by giving back as much as I can.

So get ready for MAD MAY!

Here's a few things we are going to start with:

BIRTHDAY THRO'DOWN: We are going to kickstart May with a birthday thro'wdown this Saturday morning 7-9am! Bring a plate of food to share. Could be a paleo treat, fruit or fruit cake! I eat everything!

MEMBER PRIZE: A free month of training will be awarded to one member who does at least 20 sessions in the month of May. If you do at least 20 sessions in the month of May, your name will be put in my basketball shoe (Jordan's IVs) and I will draw a name out to determine the winner!
T&C apply -
  • you must book your sessions into MindBody (don't know username and password, hit me up asap). By the way the Phone APP doesn't work anymore - you will have to do it the old school way - online on your computer. 
  • it doesn't count if you don't turn up to the sessions! 
  • the free month is transferable to a family or friend! 

FAMILY OR FRIEND train for FREE for the month of MAY! First 10 people! Msg me asap.

A WEEKLY PRIZE: will be awarded to the person who shows the biggest heart during the week

thanks everyone! Can't wait to get the party started!

Today's workout

For time:

  • 1km row
  • 50 Wall Balls
  • 40 Clean and Jerks (pick load)
  • 30 Hanging knee raise
2) st. leg muscle snatch 5×3

3) cash out - 5x4 rings dips
For time:

  • 1km row
  • 50 Wall Balls
  • 40 Clean and Jerks (40/30kgs)
  • 30 Toes-to-bar
2) st. leg muscle snatch 5x3

3) cash out - 5x4 ring dips