Hi all

Thursdays posts I would like to dedicate to issues relating to Mindfulness, Meditation and EVERYTHING ELSE relating to how we think and feel. Of the daily blogs this topic is the most important because:

1) when it comes to health and fitness it all starts and ends with our head and hearts. Get this part right first and all the other good stuff will follow.

2) the more I get to know each of you - the more I realise that the key to your personal improvement in health and fitness lies in your state of mind and heart in relation to your family,  relationships, work, travel, values etc.

3) Just like we can't out-exercise a poor diet; no amount of physical fitness programming can out-exercise a poor state of mind/heart.

Sweet state of mind

There are many ways to improve the health of our state of mind; and I will look to explore and share ideas going forward.

One method is to eliminate SUGAR (or significantly reduce our intake). There is a growing amount of evidence that sugar has a negative effect on our state of mind. Small doses are okay, but unfortunately in the developed world msny suffer from excess consumption. Glucose, Fructose, Honey, Corn Syrup which is found in most packaged foods in supermarkets are a big No No. Excessive sugar intake can impair our minds and learning skills; contribute to depression and anxiety and is a risk factor in age-dementia. So if you want to strengthen your mind and heart to battle the issues you are facing - consider significantly reducing your sugar intake.

Are you achieving your lifestyle goals?

It has only just occurred to me RIGHT NOW that over the last 2 and a bit years - judged by the time i spend on my "roles" in life - I've been a "stay-at-home dad" more than any other role/position that I hold elsewhere. This revelation to me is both beautiful, yet frightening.

Frightening because now I am asking myself questions relating to whether or not I am being "successful" at this role. I don't even know if asking this "success" question is being fair on me. Why do I need to even ask questions relating to "success" when it comes to fatherhood? Should it not be enough for me that I feel absolutely fulfilled every single day of my life? It is enough that over the last couple of years I have not felt a sense of loss associated with being away from the children due to work commitments.

It is a beautiful revelation because deep in my heart I love being with my family! It is what I value above all else and now my TIME reflects that. I recognise this is a tremendous blessing.

We each have different values.

Are you spending your Time on the things that you value? If so, well done! If not, what do you feel you need to do to change? And why haven't you done so already?

- not the right time?
- scared of the unknown?
- tied down by obligations?

There's a tonne of legitimate excuses; but so very few people have the grit, faith and ability to sacrifice.

thanks for reading

Today's workouts

1) 5 Sets of 3 Touch N Go Squat Cleans (pick load, heavier each set)

2) "JT scaled"


Strict Press (Pick Load)
Assisted Ring Dips

3) Cash out

Not for time:

Rope pulls from floor: 20

1) 5 Sets of

3 Touch N Go Squat Cleans (pick load, heavier each set)

2) "JT"


Ring Dips
Push ups

3) Cash out

Not for time:

5 Legless Rope Climbs