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Hi all

1) PLEASE NOTE: There will be no 9am class on Tuesday morning.

2) Happy birthday to my beautiful wife.

3) In introducing OPEN GAMES 15.2, Dave Castro (CrossFit HQ rep) said that the purpose of the WOD was to shake up the leaderboard - to separate the top CrossFitters of the world from the rest. And he's correct. The top CrossFitters of the world will beat the beep test many times over - while the rest of us will be happy to make the first 3,6,9 minutes of the WOD. The difference between top scores and the rest of us will be in excess of 200 reps.

Undoubtedly CrossFit takes people to another level with respect to physical ability. I see it at our box - just how far many of you have come. Some of you could barely overhead squat a broomstick when you first came...and now you are doing 15x; 30x; 100x that weight!

Me and Nat recently saw a person who once trained with us - let's call the person - Mick. Mick left us to go to another gym - feeling quite bitter and expressing unhappiness because of lack of improvement. What Mick failed to see was how he had improved.

  • When Mick first started with us, he was overweight and could not do one strict pull-up. 
  • When Mick decided to leave, he had improved so much that he could string multiple chest to bar pull-ups and had a flat stomach. 
I am not sure what Mick was expecting? Maybe i sjould have asked him. Maybe i should have told him he was never going to beat Rich Froning. I think i was too young as a coach and too afraid to give head checks.

When Me and Nat saw Mick recently,  we were sad to see he had regressed to be his tubby self again. Having a gym membership doesn't make us fit.  We can have the best coaches and world class athletes around us but we simply dont get better by association. We have to put in the work. Recognising our improvements; and keep on going with a good attitude are also important to progress. CrossFit has the potential to change lives - but we have to be humble enough to do it properly.

And on a concluding note - Thomaz said to me that the programming seems to be so "soft and easy" lately because of the Open Games. That is true. But just remember what we deem "soft and easy" is nevertheless defined as "crazy" by others. haha. Once the Games are over, you can expect some crazy stuff again. Until then spend the time working on your mobility, weaknesses and injuries!

thanks for reading and have a great weekend everyone.

Today's workout

4 rounds

  • 400m run
  • 25 Clean and Jerks (40/30kgs)
  • 25 Burpees