Open Games 15.2

Hi all

Once again we will be running the Open Games as the prescribed WOD for the day.

Those of you who are participating in the Open Games, you will need another participant to judge.

If you are not in the Open Games, you do not need a judge; and so we will not ask anyone to judge you.

Please note that if you failed to upload your first week's score - you are effectively out of the Games; and thus will not require a judge.

Strategy Tips - 

Basically if you have butterfly chest-to-bars then it's going to give you about 50 + reps more than everyone else who is normal.

For the rest of us normal humans, we are just going to have to battle it out!

Sometimes you look at me weird when I am serious about a strategy. You look at me as if I am speaking another language. Last week I suggested that anyone fit should be able to do 180 reps in 15.1 (a) through PACING. Harriet did it. Andy was a few reps short. Keelan did it plus 11 reps.

This week I am going to give you similiar advice. PACE IT.

I was absent last Friday night, but I heard that more than a few of you were stringing more than 5 chest to bars, and some even 10. What the heck for? It's not a race to see who finishes the rounds the fastest! It's an aerobic event. But that's the problem with most of us. The adrenaline kicks in and we think we are not going to finish 10 OHS in under 3 minutes - so we blast out of the gates! There is absolutely no need to blast out of the gates. Yes you see some of the uber-fit athletes crank out both rounds in 1:30seconds so they have a good rest; and bring their heart rates down. Unless you are or have been a pro-athlete - that's just not going to work. If us normal people do things unbroken; we will become broken very quickly. 

There is no reason why most of you should not be getting deep into round 14. And for those of you who hit 180 plus reps last week, you should be getting into round 18 today.

So let's get to it.

Each round is exactly 3 minutes. This means we have

:45 seconds to do the first round of OHS
:45 seconds to do the first round of Chest-to-bar pull-upsi
:45 seconds to do the second round of OHS
:45 seconds to do the second round of Chest-to-bar pull-ups

This is PLENTY of time for rounds 10 and  12 and 14 (and if you are fit rds 16 and 18).
The key is to make sure your HEART RATE remains in control. So to keep it steady for as long as possible, we have to try and use up as much time as possible in EACH :45 section. This means amongst other things - having sufficient rest between reps.

So how can you break up your reps? Very simply:

OHS - sets of 4s, resting on back
CTB - singles or sets of 3-5s (no more). If you've got rhythm on your CTB string them in short sets with short breaks (something that Rich C can do). Otherwise if you are movement challenged like me stick to singles. I tested it out on Friday and 10 single chest to bars took me :30 seconds; and 16 singles took me :45 - which are both within the cap. 

So that's it. Take it nice and steady, trying to save yourself for the effort that's required in the later rounds.

The above assumes that you're half good at OHS and CTB pull-ups; and you've been training decently. If not, just like the rest, try your best. 

Good luck everyone!

Today's workout

Open Games 15.2

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible

2 rounds of
10 Overhead squats (43/29kgs)
10 Chest-to-bar pullups

Each successive 3 minutes, increase reps by 2 each.