Lunge away

Hi all

Lists. We love reading lists. This is the list of the top 5 restaurants; a list of the top 10 beaches; here ia a list of things for you to do (wrote every wife ever to every thankful husband never). I am sure a number of you have been leader board watching seeing how you compare to peers and the rest of the world. You probably get the idea that i dont just look at rankings; but rather i like to dig deeper. For example last year i examined the list of the top 20 and based on averages determined the attributes that made people top CrossFit athletes. Yes theres a certain age, weight and height.

Over the past few years ive also enjoyed watching our own Box leaderboard. The Open Games is really the only time throughout the year that i take any interest in times, reps and weights lifted. Because its the only time of the year that i know that times, reps and weights will be counted and judged officially by an objective party. Scores are legit.

Back in the day we used to write members times, reps and weights lifted on a daily basis on the whiteboard. The problem with that was members would go wod crazy on a daily basis just to get the fastest times compared to peers. This was done at a cost of form and correct rep counting. So we did away with such practice. Now everyone runs their own race and at their own pace. Nevertheless theres always been some fun underlying competition between peeps who are comparable in ability. This has produced some great friendly rivalry which helps build, rather than tear down. No more is the rivalry clearer than by analysing the Box leaderboard during the Open Games.

In the Open games, at the top of the list its always been a close battle between a few. In previous years we had Big Al keep things tight at the top; with him and AK47 going head to head. In Big Als absence it just might be Dawesy who will keep Adam honest. But we still have 4 rounds to go and a lot can happen in 4 rounds. Believe it or not Keith is just behind them on the leaderboard. And Andy can't be easily shrugged off. With respect to our women - well its going to be a tight race between Pip and Harriet. Can Pips deep experience hold off hyper energetic raging H!?

As for me, theres a list of mad talent nipping at my heels. To keep me ahead I just hope theres no wall balls ever on the list of things to do!

Today's workout

For time:

1) AMRAP 7
  • 30m overhead walking lunge (20kg plate)
  • 30 Sit-ups
2) AMRAP 7 - Rower or Bike (as many calories as possible in 7 minutes)