High demands

CrossFit as a method of exercising is highly demanding both physically and mentally. And it produces top results. That's why I love it. I am so happy with how far many of you have come in your journey. Most of you have forgotten what condition you were in when you first started. I wished I video-taped you back in the day so we could watch it on my VCR today. These Open Games especially have shown me the significant benefits of CrossFit. Ordinary peeps doing extraordinary things. Case in point - Elly W who got her first HSPU yesterday... and not just one rep...many reps! When Elly first started I thought an 8kg barbell was going to break her back!!! We also had Tim D basically squat cleaning over and over again 84kgs which is pretty much near his 1rm! Back in the day, he couldn't deadlift 60kgs without fear of hurting his back! This stuff is truly sick, and reminds of why I use CrossFit as my preferred method of exercising. It's highly demanding but it produces top results.

Only one more week left of the Open Games!

9 rounds for time:

400m run/row/bike (cycle through all 3)

  • 7 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • 7 Front Squats (60/40kgs)
  • 7 Burpees over bar