15.1 Thoughts

Rest Day

Strategy tips

Hi all

After our experience on Friday Night I've had a chance to think about some strategy tips for 15.1. Here are my thoughts:


I truly believe that our good athletes should be getting 6 rounds and over (that's over 180 reps). Harriet got 187. So if you feel you are one of our better athletes this should be your target AT LEAST. Basically if you hold a 1:30 round in 9 minutes, you will hit 6 rounds altogether. That's 180 reps.

I know your capacity and that you have it in you; if not a little more. Here is the plan:

Toes-to-bar. 3 unbroken reps every 10 seconds. And you will do the TTBs in 50 seconds.
Deadlifts. All unbroken, steady pace aiming for 15-20 seconds. This brings you to 1:05-1:10.
Snatches. All 5 reps unbroken - nice and slow for 15 seconds. This brings you to 1:20:1:25.

The key is to have discipline. Control your tempo and temper. Breath during deadlifts and snatches.
We've done a tonne of TTB work, and you should be able to do 3 unbroken at that pace. This is a toes-to-bar workout. The deadlift and snatches are the active REST movements.

15.1a Clean and Jerk

  • Rest 1-2 minutes before you hit the Clean and Jerk.
  • Know before hand the progressive lifts.
  • Make sure you have the weights laid out for yourself.
  • Aim for 90% of your 1rm.

For the REST OF US who aren't that good:

1) Have fun
2) Protect your hands so they don't tear
3) Show some heart.
4) Use chalk
5) Listen to Country music - because this is the pace you ought to do it in.