Strictly Speaking

Hi all

Last post I said that the closest people could, at times, hold us back from obtaining the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Of course these same people are also the ones we need from to achieve miracles in life. I am blessed to have an awesome woman in my life who is 100% supportive in everything that I choose to do. Nat told me once - that she married me for my potential. That was quite overwhelming in the beginning because I thought she felt I had a lot of potential. But as time (and me) wore her down - her expectations of my potential has shrunk! haha. My potential was fulfilled many years ago - and she's still with me! haha.

What makes training CrossFit successful for the individual is the family/community element. Without the family/community element - CrossFit just becomes like any other type of training; which can be found elsewhere. For those who don't find or enjoy this aspect at our Box - I have been happy for them to leave and find it elsewhere in their life. I simply don't want unsatisfied or unhappy people training at our Box. It just broods misery...and misery loves company.

For those who have trained with Nat, you can feel her positive energy and happy attitude. She just loves being at the box training. It took a long time for me to convince her to try it. And then even longer to help her feel at ease at not trying to be the best CrossFitter in the world. And now I think she's comfortable at going her own pace, running her own race. Which is pretty much what I want everyone to feel at the Box. To feel at ease at going your own pace, running your own race - and feeling great joy in sharing the gain with others.

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happy Mondayitis.

Today's workout

The conditioning component is taken directly from CrossFit Headquarters. It requires a strong back/core; so if your back/core is weak then please do TIGER strand.

1) Strength

Strict Press 5x5

2) Conditioning


  • Deadlifts (Pick Load)
  • Hanging Knee raisers

After each set bike 40cals or row 50 cals
1) Strength

 Strict Press 5x3

2) Conditioning


  • Deadlifts (100/70kgs)
  • Strict Knees to elbow
* the lessor of 100/70kgs or half your 1rm