Open Workout 12.5

Hi all

Two years ago when we did yesterday's workout in the Open Games, we didn't do very well. As a coach I was disappointed. When I eventually took over the reigns of our programming, I inserted many hours of clean and jerk and toes-to-bar sessions. So the results yesterday were awesome. I am happy to see such great movement and improvement in many people. Particularly entertaining to watch was Harriet v Rich. Only one rep separated them at the very end, my heart was thumping. Notable scores were Andy and Dawesy both getting a number of C&J in round 18.

Today we are going to see whether or not we've improved with our chest-to-bars. We probably haven't done enough of these, so it will be a good test.

Winners are grinners...looks like someone will be shouting the Box a few Tumeric Tonics! 

Today's workout

1) Lifting:

Deadlift 3x10

2) Open Games Workout 12.5


Climbing Ladder (3,6,9...)
  • Thruster (45/30kgs)
  • Chest-to-bar Pull-ups