Happy Valentines Day!

Hi all,

Happy Valentines day!

Thank you to everyone who came last night to the Box Love Dinner! It was a lot of fun and I laughed a lot. Rich brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to Courtney for organising and driving the event!

Each year Nat always seems to pressure me to do something special on Valentines day, I don't know why she is so persistent. Surely after 14 years worth of "Valentines" failures and let downs, she'd get the hint! haha. This year is no different as we've got a busy family day ahead with over 60 peeps coming over our place. And being the typical guy I am yet to finish mowing the lawn, clean the bathrooms, mop the floors etc etc

I remember clearly the first time I saw her. We were at uni. I walked into the room and saw her and the first thought that came to my mind was that she was STUNNING. And for the rest of the class time I couldn't help glancing her way. Anyway I didn't do anything about it because I was pretty much clueless about how to pick up hot chicks. But eventually the universe worked itself out and we met properly. She was charmed by my awesome sense of humour and 1990s dress sense; and the rest is history. I am thankful to be married to a wonderful woman who has a beautiful loving spirit and she's a tip-top mum to our five boys.

Wishing you all a beautiful day; and hoping you get to share it with loved ones.  

Today's workout

10 rounds of

  • 3 HSPU*
  • 6 Deadlifts (100/70kgs)*
  • 12 Pull-ups / Ring Dips (Alternate each round)*
  • 24 Double-unders*


  • 3 Burpees
  • 6 Deadlifts (pick lighter load)
  • 12 Assisted Pull-ups / 12 HR Push-ups
  • 24 Single skips