Air Con

Hi all,

Have had to resort to using my ancient Ipad 2 for this entry because one of my boys jammed the headphone plug into our home computer. The computer came with no guarantee but I am going to escalate the issue to one of Dell's top dog...potentially taking into the High Court if I have to because it's written in the Constitution and Mabo, that every Asian kid has a birth right to use a computer whether it be at school, at home, on the kitchen desk or on their wrist.

[insert picture here of awesome CrossFit person doing something awesome, like a pistol squat on top of a camel's back or better still...

Today's workouts

1) work up to a heavy 3rm deadlift

2) Air Con


75 Wall balls
60 Box Jumps
45 Toes-to-bar
30 Power Snatches (60/40kgs)
15 Cals Bike/Rower