True Fashion

Hi all,

Sometimes the closest people to us can hold us back from getting the gold at the end of the rainbow. For eg yesterday Nat refused to go into the salvos store in Manly because of its smell. I went in head first with nostrils wide open because I love op-shops. I love rolling up my sleeve and getting elbow deep in potentially flea infested clothes in order to score a bargain. Most of you know that i am a sneakerhead with a particular love for bball shoes. So you can imagine how low my draw dropped when in the Salvo store my eyes came across the latest pair of Jordan Chris Paul bball shoes...and they were exactly my size! I almost cried full of joy. It was like a gift from Heaven. SERIOUSLY no store on the northern beaches stock these shoes. So to find them sitting in an op-shop was a miracle. If i had listened to Nat and went into the Post Office to buy school stuff for the kids I would have missed out on this little gem. Yes the kids can just borrow pen and paper from their mates. Lessons of the story -  value can be found if we follow our hearts.

I believe that if we aren't regularly a little anxious or a little scared of our daily workouts - then we aren't pushing ourselves enough in our training. Think about how many thousands of people thoroughly look forward to going to an ordinary gym to "break a sweat" on the treadmill or feel good doing benchpress (3x10). The easiness of the approach lulls people into a false sense of security, which is then reflected in soft results. I know some people like to "cherry-pick" daily workouts, doing only the wods they are good at. Let me tell you that the best progress is made by those who just turn up and do the workouts, regardless of their like or dislike for the movements. These people push themselves out of their comfort zone regularly and that's why they get the best results.

Once Big Al told me that one of the workouts we did was too easy. Since that moment I vowed to make sure that our daily workouts are challenging enough to push everyone that steps through the door; regardless of ability. The workout experiences are meant to be hard; not in a harmful way - but in a way which should get you to the point of losing a bit of hope - so not only is our physique tested but also our character. We want you to step out of the box feeling like you've accomplished something great.

have a great weekend everyone, thanks for reading

Today's workout

In true fashion I have grabbed a recent CrossFit Headquarters (HQ) workout; and added a few more things. It's Saturday, so why not! Can you guess which part is the HQ workout, and which parts I have added? :)

"True Fashion"

400m run
3 rounds
  • 100 Air Squats
  • 50 Box Jumps
  • 25 Clean and Jerks (40/30kgs)
800m run

3 rounds of
  • 100 Dubs
  • 50 Sit-ups
  • 25 Hand release and Clapping Push-ups
400m run

  • 7 Bar Muscle ups (or 14 pull-ups)
  • 7 Ring Muscle ups (or 14 pull-ups)