Tony Barber

Hi all,

Hope you had a fab weekend.

Harriet and Dani did great on the weekend. They were competing amongst great company included more than dozen girls who competed at Regionals last year. Congrats girls, you both are awesome and we are so blessed to have and your better halves train with us.

A coaches job

Is to help you improve. Our first priority is your safety; and secondly that you are enjoying the training environment. Without these two (safety and fun), you won't last, and we'd be out of business.

So some of the feedback we give you is a balance between safety and fun. If the weight you lift is way too light - it won't be challenging and you'll miss out on the "fun" of a WOD. If the weight is too heavy, it's unsafe. From a coaches perspective this can be a delicate balance and often impossible to determine. SO you will need to take ownership as well on what you move. You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. FEEL your way through, and if doesn't feel right, back off or go harder.

Not everyone one is going to be a top level athlete....but everyone, no matter what physical level can improve to the next level. It's a shared journey; where both parties need to carry their share of luggage.

thanks for reading

Today's workout

Warm up

10 mins on Bike/Rower
min 1 - easy (60% effort)
min 2 - hard (70% effort)
min 3 - harder (90% effort)
min 4 - easy (60% effort)
min 5 - hard (70% effort)
min 6 - harder (90% effort)

2) EMOM x 6

Odd - 5 Front Squats (pick load)
Even - 5 Pull-ups

3) Cash out

100 sit-ups
EMOM 7 Burpees

Warm up:

10 mins on Bike/Rower
min 1 - easy
min 2 - hard
min 3 - harder
min 4 - easy
min 5 - hard
min 6 - harder

2) EMOM x 6

Odd - 5 Squat cleans (pick load)
Even - Strict Chest-to-bars (pick number)

3) Cash out

100 sit-ups
EMOM 7 burpees