Fight gone very very very bad

Hi all,

Those in Nutrition Challenge, please pay asap. The Challenge commences tomorrow!!!

I've been writing about CrossFit and general well being for a long time now. I guess it comes from me being passionate about sharing the good stuff that I am learning. I feel forever the student. While I believe my FORMAL education is behind me; there is so much LIFE education still ahead of me. And everyday I am continually learning more about health and fitness. My particular interests are definitely in the area of MOVEMENT and well-being (STATE OF MIND). That's why you read more posts about STATE OF MIND (THINKING and FEELING); and as a coach I am relentless on the way we MOVE.

1) THINKING AND FEELING - This covers a broad spectrum of our activities; not just the way we behave in the Box. I have recently written about "no complaints" in the Box because complaining on trivial things is a reflection of a poor state of mind/heart. But "no complaints" ought to extend outside the Box too. Take for example body composition. The world is full of excuses; and Keith and I hear them too:

  • "I won't do the nutrition challenge, because I have a party to celebrate of the 26th of January. And I am the type of person who likes to things properly or I won't do it at all"  
  • "I know everything about nutrition, I don't need help"
  • "I exercise everything off, so I can eat whatever I like"
  • "I can't give up the alcohol"
  • "I can't give up the caffeine" 
  • "I can't give up sugar"
We know for most - food and emotion are intrinsically link. We simply cant change food habits unless there is a significant change in thought and emotional patterns.

So have a deep think about your condition. Can you put your hand on your heart and declare that right now you are being the best person you can be? If not - just do something about it.

2) MOVEMENT - Thanks to Ravi and John R for challenging me to watch and learn from Ido Portal, the movement specialist. They both said that Ido's mentality and approach would resonate well with the way I think. And they are absolutely 100% correct.

When I first started coaching I used to make us all do some crazy stuff. Things that just came to my mind which I thought would help our bodies move better. A few of the exercises were a derivative of some break dancing moves from back in the day (albiet) slow and steady. Together with my recent study of the way the Chinese coach their athletes (which also sits well in my heart) - I feel like I have "come home". It's not a reinvention of my myself...but rather an affirmation of what I have believed all along deep down. I am hoping all this knowledge which is currently being processed in my head - translates into a better exercise experience over this year for each of you.

Nat sometimes wanders whether the things I say, write and do will be taken the right way. I reminder her that as a Coach, I wouldnt be doing right by people if I let them flounder around without concrete direction.

good luck with the wod today,

thanks for reading

Today's workout

Wowsers, it was great to see so many of you back! Almost felt like I was being haunted by ghosts from the past. So today I thought I would bring forward this cracker of a workout. Yes we do just take it to another level. I can tell you this - you won't find yourself doing this at many other places...and that's one of the reasons why you love training at the Box.

Fight Gone Very Very Very Bad (7 rounds)

Station 1: Rower (Cals)
Station 2: Assault Bike (Cals)
Station 3: Box Jumps / Step ups
Station 4: Burpees
Station 5: Wall Balls
Station 6: Rest 1 min

- You have 1 minute at each station.
- Accumulate as many cals/reps as possible throughout entire workout.
- TIGER strand can tap out after 5 rounds.