Drag race

Hi all

Yesterday morning at 4:45am, it was pouring down with rain. It's usually my sleep in morning, however I felt a nudge, then heard Nat whisper "do you want me to stay home, or go train at the box?" My reply "go train". I think she was looking for an excuse to sleep in, because sleeping in when the rain is pouring is just the best feeling in the world! But unfortunately she didn't experience that (though I did). I am definitely lucky to have a wife who supports me; and I support her as well in all her good activities. If she needs/wants to train or go out with her girlfriends, go for a dinner out etc etc - then she ought to do it. Likewise when I feel the need to some social stuff, she is very supportive.

I couldn't imagine living with an non-supportive person who would continually seek to circumscribe my good activities and actions. I know this happens in some relationships. We read and see daily in the news the extremities of such abuse. This ought not be so.  

A family life with 5 boys is hectic, and finding "me" time can be difficult - however it's important that Nat and I get that "me" time regularly because it gives us an opportunity to RECOVER and REJUVENATE our body, mind and spirit. This allows us to feel and be better - and so we can give better to those we live, love and work with. 

So consider who you are with. Do you support them in all their good activities? Do they support you in all your good activities? 

thanks for reading, 

Today's workouts

We are going to work on

- shoulder girdle maintenance through bench press.
- practice our skipping and get our heart rate up a bit.
- train our grip strength, trap muscles and speed under the bar via hang cleans. That's why if you scale weight, you increase your rep count.
- the sit-ups is to increase our core strength.

Drag raceDrag Race
1) Bench Press 5x5

2) For time:

  • 400 single skips
  • 30 Hang cleans (pick load)
  • 800m run
  • 150 sit-ups
1) Bench press 5x5

2) For time:

  • 200 Dubs
  • 30 Hang Cleans (90/60kgs)*
  • 800m run
  • 150 sit-ups

  • * do poundage equivalent of 2700. eg. 34 @ 80 kgs 38 @ 70 reps etc