A change

Hi all,

A number of years ago I decided to quit my job. It was a great job when I first started. The kind of job that I was only able to obtain after passing through 3 or 4 interviews. The type of job that I dreamed about in Uni. After telling my boss that I was quitting, I called Nat and told her what I had done. Given the fact that I had no other job to go to, she asked "financially, are we going to be okay?" I responded with confidence (those I was quite scared inside) "yes, we will be okay!" Being a one income earning family, with a few kids - it was crae-crae (crazy). I had no other job to go to! But after quitting I felt a big sense of relief. I had finally taken the big step to move on.

At that point in my life I had reached the point where I had absolutely enough of:
  • sitting on the bus in peak hour
  • doing mindless office work with no a feeling of no personal satisfaction
  • feeling down about being tied to an income stream
  • not being physically fit
  • not being able to sleep during the middle of the day (haha)
  • hallucinating during work meetings
  • wearing a suit, shirt and tie.
  • daily eat crappy take-away food; sweets etc
I remember often sitting on the bus on the way to and from work, with my headphones on thinking - surely there's got to be a better way, a better method than this.  I had enough of not being the person that I wanted to be. And because I wasn't happy, I wasn't treating others in a happy way.

In a short amount of time - things worked out. I secured another job. This allowed me to do other things in life - time with family, and time to get fit again. I had opportunities to learn to surf, to learn how to swim in ocean rock pools, to run along our golden sandy beaches, go skateboarding, go to the gym, eat better food. I had more stress free weekends with family.

But then....I would get caught up again in the same old patterns. Yes the new job allowed me temporarily to get on top of things, but as time wore on and work became more demanding, I found myself in the same life pattern and poor habits would commence again. It was a cycle that I would ride through for a many years.

Nevertheless one of the biggest consequences of being able to pull myself away and out of the "race" from time to time was that I was able to get myself in better physical shape. In doing so it just made me feel HAPPY, really happy. And this happiness extended to success and great reward with my family, work, Church and community commitments.

So I have learned that one essential ingredient to personal happiness is good health and strength. This translates into greater rewards and miracles in everything else around me. Being fit doesn't mean happiness all the time, or that life is perfect - but it sure helps a tonne!

thanks for reading

Today's workout

Definitely shorter than yesterday! It's about practice, practice, practice today! Let's get the motor patterns working in the right way.

1) Clean and Jerk Practice

2) Randy - 75 Power Snatches for time (35/25kgs)  
1) Work up to a heavy double Clean and Jerk

2) Isabel - 30 Power Snatches for time (60/40kgs) - 7min cap